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Apr 28, 2015
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After a long down time, 86 DESIGNS is finally back online..


The site is still in developement and only the homepage and music page are functional at the moment, but soon i will add a seperate page for my drawings, blogs, stories i wrote, and i will link or promote new or existing artists that i like and i think deserve to be promoted.


You can always also check out my Facebook page www.facebook.com/idansart or my soundcloud www.soundcloud.com/idan023 if you just want to keep up to date to my drawings and/or music...


For now i hope you will enjoy, and if you do, hook me up with a like on the small...

Aug 19, 2011
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Its been a while. My apologies to everybody that i promised to keep in touch with. But i'll try to explain the reason in this blog. Its actually a pretty straight foward reason, i like it here alot. And i actually dont really want to spend too much time behind my computer. I got sun, good & nice people around me so time flies when you're having fun.
But still i will try to put up more blogs and pictures the next 3 months.

Ok now about the first 3 months.

In short: Im working hard, and after that alot of...

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